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Friends of the Library

1st Monday of Each Month

at 5:30pm

The Friends of the Library are among our biggest supporters!

If you have a few spare hours each month and are looking for a way to support your library and community, consider joining the Friends. 


We're truly a 'friendly' bunch to work with. 

All welcome!​

Shop Friends of the Library Items

The Friends of the Library sell hand knit and hand sewn items to raise funds to support the library. If you're interested in purchasing an item pictured below, please complete the order form. We will be in touch to arrange payment and pick-up. Please note: some variations in colours/patterns may occur.

Slippers for Sale

PXL_20221212_153658584 (1).jpg

Dish Cloths - $2


Seasonal Baskets for Auction

PXL_20221208_192811084.PORTRAIT (1).jpg

Hanging Tea Towels - $6


Aprons - $12


Assorted Items For Sale

PXL_20221212_153641133 (2).jpg
Order Form

List the items you would like to purchase below.

Thanks for your order!

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