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Guided Historic Walking Tours of Powassan

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Embark on a literal walk through history with the PDUPL's Guided Historic Walking Tours. Starting June 24th, you are able to plan and book a free custom tour which is catered to your historical interests!


By calling or emailing the library, you will be able to consult with your tour guide and build a tour which works best for you!


The 5 parts of the tour which individuals can pick and choose from are:


  • Businesses (14.5 mins.)

  • Recreation (9.5 mins.)

  • Churches (4.5 mins.)

  • Historic Homes (9 mins.)

  • Education (3.5 mins.)



** Any tour option will consist of 20+ minutes and over 1 kilometer of walking**



Each tour has plenty of stops including multiple shaded resting areas. 


If you can't decide what to take, below is. a list of options you are welcome to choose from!


If you have any questions, contact the library today!

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