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Book Club​
We're like a normal book club...

but more fun!

Each month, book club members select their own title within a genre or theme. Members meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm to compare and discuss titles. ​It's the ultimate way to find out what's worth reading and what's...not so much.

New members welcome!

2022-2023 Monthly Themes

  • September 28: Indigenous Reads

  • October 26: Historical Fiction

  • November 23: Non-Fiction

  • December 14: Book Related to Food

  • January 23: Graphic Novel or Poetry

  • February 22: Book Written by Black Author

  • March 22: Biography

  • April 26: Canada Reads

  • May 24: Foreign Story

  • June 28: Pride Related

  • July 26: A Light and Breezy Summer Read

  • August 23: Experimental, Anti-realism Read


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