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Annual Butter Tart Contest

New This Year:

  • 3 categories

  • Win up to $75

Butter tart comp .png

Rules and Regulations for the Powassan & District Union Public Library Annual Butter Tart Competition


  1. Categories. There are three of them this year. Maple, Nuts and or raisins, and plain. Please do not overcomplicate this. You will be asked which category you want to enter your buttertarts in upon arrival, only choose one. Please.

  2. NO. STORE. BOUGHT. ENTRIES. We are in a small town, and we will know… we always know.

  3. We appreciate the effort, but decorating will not score you bonus points. However, you are being judged on pastry, filling, look and taste of only the butter tarts. No fireworks please.

  4. You are required to enter a dozen tarts minimum. But if one has a tragic end on the way here, we won’t fault you for it.

  5. Only one tart will be used for judging. The rest will be sold for donations during the maple syrup festival. Thank you for supporting our best tasting fundraiser of the year.

  6. Tarts MUST be here no later than noon on judgement day (duh duh duuuuh) on April 26th. This will ensure staff has time to properly label your butter tarts. You may not be eligible for a prize if your tarts are not labeled.

  7. We love that you are enthusiastic about this competition, so we have no problem if you want to enter separate batches of butter tarts into different categories. However, you are limited to one batch per category, and will only be eligible to win in one category. So choose your categories wisely.

  8. Speaking of prizes… the winner of each category will receive a $25 prize, and the overall winner will walk away with an additional $50. If there is a tie (Oh, no!) the prize will be split.  

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