We're giving up the spotlight this week and letting a famous actor take over! Here's Ernest Borgnine reading Rainbow Fish. Did you know Storyline Online has a ton of entertainers reading children's stories?! We love this website. 

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The Rainbow Fish (Craft)

(Marcus Pfister) 


What You'll Need:

  • A paper plate (or construction paper)

  • Tinfoil

  • Colouring materials (markers, crayons ... whatever!)

  • Glue

  • Googly eyes (optional) 


  1. Create your own rainbow fish, complete with shiny scales.

  2. Start with the body. If you're using a paper plate, encourage your child to use the scissors to cut out a mouth! Make sure to save that piece, as we will be using it later on for the tail. 

  3. If you're using paper instead, have your child search for something circular to trace in the house. Allow them to trace it and cut it out. This will likely be difficult for them (circles can be so hard to cut!) but encourage them to persevere. Tips: encourage them to keep their 'thumbs up' (both on the scissor hand and the holding hand) and rotate the paper as needed. Of course, ensure they're being safe with scissors. 

  4. Cut out or draw on the ordinary coloured scales. Have them name the colours they're using.

  5. Finally, select a special place for the special scale! Cut a small piece of tinfoil and have them glue it on.

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